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Introduce Japanese traditional alcohol 'Shochu 焼酎'

English conversation Japanese hospitality


The BAR of the Japanese , by the Japanese , for the world!
Owner's English conversation & Japanese hospitality is here!

Owner visited over 85 makers where makes Japanese alcohol(beer , wine , Sake , shochu 焼酎) so our explanation for your drink is super professional!

Signature is 'Shochu' local distilled alcohol!

We will talk about Drinks 's history and background by English. We believe everything has background and history. We need to tell that is our duty! Treat Japanese traditional Food or alcohol and with friendly talking! think 'Global' act & introduce 'Local' GLOCAL thinking BAR!



Our signature is 'Japanese traditional alcohol → Shochu 焼酎'
※please eat something before BAR , because we serve BAR food only.


Glocal BAB Vibes online Bartender (Pop up online Shochu BAR at your place)


Owner Nori will transmit shochu culture by using online video call app.

You can enjoy Glocal BAR Vibes explanation quality at your place.

※needs booking before(rink below)


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Business hours

Open  20:00 - 23:30


Notice our day off below

・every Sunday and 2nd Saturday
・Japanese Holidays are day off
※check google calendar

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Shochu trip

owner Nori's amazing experience

1.  gather at kumamoto downtown around Glocal BAR Vibes
2. go to shochu maker by CAR
3.  in car , explain about shochu history in Japan and drink 1 cup of shochu and smooth water
4. First shochu maker : know about shochu culture ( big making style) and tasting
5.  lunch time   we will eat local lunch shop , not special but good one you can feel local ppl eating
6.  2nd maker : know about shochu culture (craft making style) and tasting
7.  local hot spring (all includes 1 hour) shochu maker's hot spring sooooo local one (I will prepare Japanese size towels)
8.  local supermarket (explain our food by Glocal BAR Vibes, u can buy for urself and gift)
9.  go back to kumamoto city with 1 shochu cup of shochu and water ,
 ask everything abt shochu to me!

ask before by email


Contact us (English welcome)

ARITA BLD3F 1-5-6 Shimotori ,chuo-ku , kumamoto city


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