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Glocal   BAR


Chuo-ku Kumamoto-city 1-5-6 simotori Kumamoto City 860-0807 JAPAN

Open  20:00 - 23:30

Day off Sunday 

think Global

act & introduce Local



What the ''Vibes'' is?


The Japanese shochu Bar transmit  our local(normal) life style and shochu culture to the world! connecting people to people with friendly drinking shochu and talking!!

Owner  Noriyuki Yamashita



Hi guys I'm ''Nori'',born in Japan (Kagoshima) grown on the earth!!

Yes you can enjoy ''What a friend is in Japan''

Yes you can enjoy ''what a real traditional Japan'' not by guide book but by real Our life''Shochu is really traditional Japanese alcohol!Which is more consuming between Sake and shochu in Japan?? the answer is shochu!!So that you can easy to understand shochu is really associated with our life!!

Owner visited more than 79 alcohol makers!

Let's make 'Global' friends

by 'Local' drink Shochu

That's 'Glocal' as well!!



We treat more than 120 kinds of alcohol

but our signature is '' Shochu ''

Shochu is traditional Japanese Local alcohol which has more than 500 years history.



We treat Japanese finger foods so please eat something before you coming.

We will explain about Drinks and Foods by friendly English so you can touch & feel Japanese culture deeply

that is our big signature menu!



Glocal BAR Vibes shochu web magazine all written by owner Nori's friendly English !

once a 2 weeks , Nori will write article about shochu!

Please enjoy shochutimes with your glass at home.


there are always 'Vibes Point' comment on ShochuTimes.

Nori will explain about shochu by 'Japanese normal life eye position' , not like a special book style.

Enjoy our real!


Glocal BAR Vibes

グローカル バー バイブス

熊本市中央区下通1丁目5-6 アリタビル3F
chuo-ku kumamoto-city 1-5-6 simotori
Kumamoto City 860-0807  JAPAN



How to come

Please use internet and seek below or Tripadvisor is easy to find


Arita BLD 3F , chuo-ku , kumamoto-city 1-5-6 simotori 

Glocal BAR Vibes


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